Maine Maple Syrup
U.S. Grade A

Light Amber colored syrup is most often made from the first, brief flows of the season. It has pronounced sweetness with a very delicate maple flavor and is popular with maple connoisseurs.

Medium Amber has a slightly darker amber color with a gentle but more pronounced maple flavor. This syrup is wonderful for pancakes, waffles, French toast and cereal and is a great all-purpose syrup.

Dark Amber syrup has a robust maple sweetness that make it a pleasing syrup for many consumers. It's charactertistic flavoring makes it a favorite for cooking, as well as a superb table syrup.

Extra Dark Amber has a very hardy maple flavor but less pronounced sweetness. It may be used as table syrup or in cooking.

Maine has a mandatory Maple Syrup Grading Law. Maple Inspectors rigidly enforce this law and assist the producer in maintaining the highest quality product.


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